File last modified on August 18, 2022

Half/Full Title Page

Half Title Page

Half title pages should always be removed and should never be added to an ePub. Exception to this rule is if editorial has made the request but push back is encouraged as it is redundant and customers have complained.

Full Title Page


Sometimes the title page can be built with text but for best results the title page should be exported from InDesign as a PNG. After the export is chosen a prompt will appear, apply these setting:

Export PNG

  • Range: The page number
  • Page: Page should be selected
  • Image: Desired image settings


It's common for the title page to have transparency and this should be tested because there will be rendering issues with the image in color modes, biggest issue can be found in iBook's Black Mode.

To test if an image is transparent use sips with hasAlpha, example with titlepage.png:

sips -g hasAlpha titlepage.png | cut -d':' -f2-

If there is no alpha the response will be no in the terminal.


All title pages should have a width of 1000px but this rule is exempt with fixed layout ePubs.

Code Sample

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