File last modified on August 18, 2022

Font General

If fonts are exported from InDesign they must be replaced with fonts from UTC. If the font is not found or included in the source files, production may have used the wrong font so request font clarification from editorial. There are only two types of fonts allowed in ePub development and they are OpenType and Truetype. If a Postscript font is found then editorial should be contacted and a replacement font should be provided.

Font Directory Naming

All fonts for an ePub should placed in a directory named font, example:

/ font

Encrypted Fonts

By default when an ePub is exported from InDesign the fonts are encrypted. If editorial did not supply the font we should go back to editorial to request they submit the fonts to the source file location. While we could pull fonts from UTC asking editorial to provide fonts ensures:

  • Fonts are validated that we have a license for it (Fonts in UTC cannot be added without a copy of the license per IT).
  • Some fonts are department restricted so if they have access they'll have a license to use.
  • Fonts are stored with source files.

If a font used cannot be retrieved the font should be replaced. The replacement can manipulate the source files and the title should be audited by editorial to make sure this issue is resolved.

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