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Files should follow the below naming convention. When a title is completed it should either be named by the eISBN or by the LIN if one is provided. If neither eISBN or LIN are provided we are technically not to develop the title unless otherwise instructed by management.

Reflowable Title

  • eISBN.jpg
  • eISBN.epub
  • eISBN_mobi.epub: For when there are differences in the title for Amazon only and excludes the needed changes required for the toc.xhtml.
  • An ePub file converted to a Mobi using Amazon's Kindlegen.
  • eISBN.pdf: Print edition PDF with cover image inserted and named as Cover and crop marks removed. If a PDF is not supplied do an export from the InDesign file and add the Cover and rename to Cover using Acrobat.
  • eISBN.docx: export from the PDF and review because the Cover may have issues and need replacing

Reflowable Title With Fixed Versions

In some instances a title may require a fixed layout version along with a reflowable version. If a title has a fixed version it must have an accompanying sample.

  • eISBN.jpg
  • eISBN.epub
  • eISBN_fixed_sample.epub
  • eISBN_fixed.epub

Fixed Layout

  • eISBN.jpg


  • eISBN_mobi.epub


(historically named iBooks in Alfresco)

  • eISBN_sample_enhanced.epub

  • eISBN_enhanced.epub

  • eISBN.pdf

  • ISBN.epub: ADE versions are image spreads in a XHTML file and are not supported on major platforms.

Out of Print Titles

For old titles that are being converted from ePub 2.0 to 3.0 you will sometimes see a folder named Old Files with a different ISBN which might be the print ISBN. For the folder named Old Files search the ISBN in Firebrand to see if the asset has been marked as Out of Print. If the asset has been marked Out of Print tag the Old Folder with OP. To tag a Folder OP go to Edit Properties -> Tags -> Select.

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