File last modified on August 18, 2022

Cover Image

eISBN.jpg or any cover in the image directory should be named Cover.jpg.


Cover.jpg should have a width of 1600px, unless the total aspect ratio exceeds 4 million pixels. If it does exceed 4 mil then adjust the width in increments of 20px and test.


Cover.jpg should use the file extension .jpg not .jpeg.


Cover image should be in an RGB format. A way to test this on a Mac is to use sips which is built into your system. To verify if you have sips run the command man sips in the terminal. If sips exists the man page will appear and if not the terminal will tell you no manual exists. To exit out of the manual click the q button.

After sips has been verified point your terminal to the img directory. This can be done by drag and dropping the img directory in the terminal but first type cd (dont forget space after cd), example:

cd /users/<username>/path/to/img

validate your path with the command pwd that should terminal output:


run the sips command:

sips -g space Cover.jpg | tail -n1 | awk '{print $2}'

the output should say RGB. If the output is Gray or anything else it should be converted to RGB.


For information about cover.xhtml visit here.

Cover OPF

Information or practices regarding the Cover in the content.opf file visit here.

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